Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Life As A Police Officer's Wife

So, for those of you who know us, you know that the Hubby is no longer a police officer. However, for almost 4 years of our married lives together, the Hubby served the community of Powell, Wyoming. There were many pros and cons to him being a police officer, but we are grateful for the experience that he had doing it.

When he was a police officer he was working shift work, which I HATED!! His shifts would change every month and when he worked the night shift it was nearly impossible to plan any daytime activities because he slept all day and then had to report to work at 6 pm. The other shifts that he worked sometimes required him to wake up in the middle of the night to transport a prisoner, who more times than not was pulled over for driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence. So, he'd get up at 2 am, get all his gear on, try not to wake me or the baby sleeping in the nearby bedroom, go out in the darkness, report to the PD, grab the criminal, put him in his squad car, drive about 25 miles to the county jail, drop the idiot off, drive back to the PD, check back in there, drive back home, and try to salvage whatever amount of sleep he could still get before he had to report back to work. I have to say that I HATE drunk drivers even more after having experienced this.

The first year that the Hubby worked for the PD,, we had our first child, we moved twice, and the Hell's Angels came to town. The county was sprawling with police, from all around, including Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, etc. Because of careful planning and preparation there weren't any incidents and everything went smoothly. However, the hubby was working very loooong days for about a week, which meant that I got to worry about him even more :)

When the Hubby would work the night shift would be the hardest time for me, other than having him gone to the Police Academy. It would take me at least two weeks to adjust to not having him sleeping next to me. I would also be scared that someone he had arrested would know where we lived. Then there was the fear of something happening to him, there are just too many idiots out past 11:00. He always came home safely to me and reassured me that he always would.

With all of the worries and concerns that I had over his chosen profession, there were also a number of bright spots. When Ashlyn was born, we received a special visit from the Chief, who came to check her out and wish us well. He also told the Hubby that he should be prepared to start work pretty soon :) When Breckin was born we received more visits from the Hubby's fellow officers. They offered their support and congratulations. One of them even took the time to pick him up and hold him for a little while. It was great to have that support at such special times in our lives.

One year, during the week before fair, I was hustling around trying to get my entries ready for the culinary department. Since they only needed three or four individual items to taste, the rest of my treats went to the PD, needless to say they were more than gracious for the snacks that they received on nearly a daily basis for about a week.

Another time, the Hubby got really sick. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to use any of his sick time because he didn't have any, and he wasn't able to dip into the sick bank because he hadn't been there to participate in it. We were worried about how our bills were going to get paid, how we were going to pay our rent, how we were going to feed our little ones. We received a knock on our door one evening and there was the Chief and his wife with a manila envelope. He told us simply, that he had written a note on the envelope explaining the circumstances and informing people that any donation that they could give would be appreciated. The envelope made it's way to every department in the city. The contents of the envelope weren't emptied until later, but needless to say it was more than enough to meet our needs. We will be eternally grateful to those who opened their hearts to us at this time.

The whole point of this post is to give you a little insight as to what it means to be part of a law enforcement family. The Hubby was one of 16 brothers, with the Chief as their father. They really and truly are as close as brothers are. They would kill for each other, defend each other, they listen to each other, and give constructive criticism when it is due. A few weeks ago, the Hubby lost one of these brothers in a vehicle accident. When he told me what had happened, I didn't know how to expect him to react. When he came home from work, he was visibly upset and at this officer's funeral he became incredibly upset again. He told me outright, "There is no other bond I can think of that can compare to the one that I share with those guys. I feel like I lost a big brother." I felt for him, because although he is no longer employed as a police officer, he will always be a part of that family. We are so grateful for the experiences that we had as a part of that department, the good and the bad. It has made the hubby who he is and it has made us a different family because of it.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Time For A Makeover!!

I know what you may be thinking, but if you follow my blog very closely you'll find that the makeover is for the blog, not for me, although if anyone is willing to put up the bucks to give me one, I won't put up much of a fight :) Just kidding! Anyway, I was getting a little bored with how the blog looked so I decided to do a little changing and rearranging. I think I'm happy with how it looks now, it took me a while and a few frustrations, but I figured it out. It's been a while since I messed around with my design.

Anyway, there are only 16 short days until I start school and 18 until Ashlyn starts. I am still waiting to hear about screenings for Breckin for Head Start and then I'll have a somewhat empty house for at least half of the day, 4 days a week. It'll only be me and Addy here. I'm thinking of how much I'll be able to accomplish and how clean my house will be. I'll also be able to do some baby-proofing hopefully because the girl is on the move! I like to start each school year with the best of intentions and a resolution to do my best, so far I've been able to achieve my goals. This semester is going to pose a challenge because I'm taking my first real psychology courses, which ought to be interesting. I hope that Ashlyn has the same resolve as her mother and even more follow through. I am so excited for her to start school and learn all of the things that she can. I am also excited for Breckin to start preschool because he needs the social interaction. The boy also needs to learn how to clean up on his own!! With just me and Addy at home, I'm looking into working for maybe half of the day at the Yellowstone Behavioral Center. It would get me foot in the door to later become a psychologist and therapist, so I figure that now is the time to start, and it's only for 4 hours a day, so I'll still have the time I need to be a mommy and a wife. Sometimes I put too much on my plate, but I think that I know my limitations pretty well, and if I'm not busy, I get bored and then I get into trouble :)

Another thing that I've decided to makeover, is the Life List that I started. It's not so much of a makeover as a few additions. I don't know if I posted the original on here yet, but as I look back, I can't find it, so here is the updated and revised edition.

1. Read the following books: The Articles of Faith, Jesus the Christ, The Miracle of Forgiveness, Mormon Doctrine, Our Search for Happiness, A Marvelous Work and A Wonder

2. Take a cruise with the Hubby

3. Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree

4. Learn how to sew

5. Learn how to grow, can and preserve my own food

6. Get in shape!

7. Go skydiving, para sailing, bungee jumping and river rafting. What can I say, I have a need for an adrenaline rush :)

8. Compete in a triathlon

9. Open my own cupcake store

10. Grow my hair out long

11. Blog at least twice a week for a year

12. Have my own organic farm

13. Write and publish my children's book

14. Compete in a pageant

15. Meet someone famous

16. Learn French, Spanish and Italian

17. Take a tour of Europe

18. Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square

19. Go horseback riding on the beach

20. Learn ballet

21. Visit every temple in the United States-so far we have: Denver CO, Billings MT, Newport Beach CA and San Diego CA

22. Document the kids growing up better

23. Climb a mountain

24. Spend an entire summer in the Hampton's

25. Go to New England to see the leaves change in the fall

26. Read every Jane Austen book

27. Read the Book of Mormon in a day

28. Learn to shoot a rifle

29. Get paid to do what I love

30. Own my dream house

31. Help make someone's dream come true

32. Coach my kids in a sport

33. Serve a Church mission with my husband

34. Host a holiday meal at my house

35. Give my husband the best surprise he could imagine

36. Complete the Personal Progress program, Duty to God program and memorize the Scripture Mastery scriptures

37. Host a craft retreat

38. Watch my kids live Happily Ever After

39. Win a contest

40. Throw a monthly dinner party

41. Start my own catering and party planning business

42. Compete in the New York marathon

43. Walk on the Great Wall of China

44. Visit South Africa

45. Go to Wicked with my kids *This is tentatively planned for next summer in Sacramento

46. Go to Disneyland and Disney World

47. Re-decorate my house

48. Learn sign language

49. Anonymously pay for someone else's groceries

50. Attend a spin class

Well, there is the list so far. If you have any suggestions of additions that you think I should make feel free to comment on it. I hope that I can achieve all of these things and more in my lifetime. I also hope that you all like the makeover, now it's time to makeover my life!! More on that later, stay tuned...