Monday, November 15, 2010

Update on The Miracles of the Past Week

Well, it's been a little over a week since the kids and I got back to Cody. I'll admit that the first few days were very hard for me. I really missed my mommy :( and I guess my daddy too. Anyway, when we got home we went straight back to co-existing with Jame's parents. Fortunately, we don't have to much longer. Don't get me wrong we love each other, we just love each other more in seperate dwellings. Last Monday, Jame and I looked at a little house up the Southfork that he had looked at previously and had kind of liked. However, when he took me up there, i found that it was uninhabitable. The set up of the place was weird and the bedrooms were small, it just wasn't a right fit and it didn't feel right. On top of that, as soon as I walked into the man's greenhouse I was greeted by an Oleander tree. The kids know from their experience in California to stay away from them, but I didn't want to take any chances of them not listening and having to go to the doctor. So, we decided not to take that place. The next week I spent calling places and organizing visits to different places. Finally, we have found the perfect place for our family. It reminds me a lot of our apartment that we loved in Laramie. It has 3 bedrooms and a lot of extra space. Most importantly, it's the right price. So that is one miracle that we have recieved. The next came in the form of Jame's job. He LOVES it!!! He really sees a future there and most importantly he's not stressed out and he's happy. He likes the work environment and his co-workers. There is a young couple in our ward that lives below us in this new apartment, and the husband works as a chemist out at Cody Labs. He informed Jame that they are going to begin hiring more chemists in the next few months and that he should put himself in for consideration because he has had many science and chemistry courses. The job in itself is a miracle, but the potential for growth there is an even greater blessing. Finally, the kids and I went to the doctor this week and everyone is healthy. I was a little concerned about the baby because when I was in California I had contracted a urinary tract infection, but all signs of infection are gone and I have a clean bill of health. We are so very grateful for all that we have been given and all of those who have helped and supported us. It means so much to us to say that we have passsed through this trial and are now ready to move on. We have found that as we remain faithful we are given the strength that we need, and although sometimes it is hard to remain faithful, the end result is more than worth it.
Here are a few thoughts on gratitude from those more inspired than myself:
"Gracias, danke, merci whatever language is spoken, 'thank you' frequently expressed will cheer your spirit, broaden your friendships, and lift your lives to a higher pathway as you journey toward perfection. There is a simplicity even a sincerity when 'thank you' is spoken."
--Thomas S. Monson
"This is a wonderful time to be living here on earth. Our opportunities are limitless. While there are some things wrong in the world today, there are many things right, such as teachers who teach, ministers who minister, marriages that make it, parents who sacrifice, and friends who help. "We can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude. If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues."
--Thomas S. Monson
"The Lord compensates the faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love the Lord will be added unto them in His own way. While it may not come at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude."
--Joseph B. Wirthlin

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Trials of Job

Well, for those of you who don't know we are still in California visiting my parents. However, Jame just got a really good job at Cody Labs and so we're coming home hopefully on November 6th. I know that Jame has missed his babies quite a lot and I hope that maybe he's missed me too :) Anyway, onto the subject of this post. Last week when we were in church one of the talks that was given was about having hope in the midst of adversity. After this talk, I felt inspired to text Jame and have him read the book of Job. It is interesting to me to know that this man was so righteous and did everything that the Lord asked him, yet he was still stricken with disease, he lost all of his material possessions and he lost his family. However, Job was still righteous, yes he questioned the Lord, even asked Him why he even allowed him to live if he was going to live a life like this. Job still persevered, Job still did what was asked of him and what was required of him. In the end, he had more than what he had started with. Now, our trials have been few and compared to Job, they have been manageable and we have been able to keep our faith. It has been tested, but as a family, we hope that we have passed the tests that have been given to us so far. Our recent trials have also increase our faith. I personally know that there is a reason for everything. I know that Heavenly Father never gives us more than what we can handle, and I know that LOVE and FAITH can move mountains. Like Job, we have tried to continue in righteousness, and also like Job, we hope that when Heavenly Father sees fit, we will be blessed for our righteousness. We have had moments of weakness when we have been in the same position as Job was, but we have continued to trust in the Lord and His wisdom. Now, I can only see good things in our future and continued and increased faith as we may face other trials. I have found a few quotes from church leaders that I like about adversity and hope. I hope that you will find comfort in them as I have.

*"We will each face times of difficulty, and the question is not when we will face them but how we will face them." James B. Martino

*"All you have to do is trust your Heavenly Father. Trust Him enough to follow His plan." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

*"Everybody in this life has their challenges and difficulties. That is part of our mortal test. The reason for some of these trials cannot be readily understood except on the basis of faith and hope because there is often a larger purpose which we do not always understand. Peace comes through hope." James E. Faust

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We LOVE Fall!!

Well, the kids and I are still in California, and it is finally starting to feel like fall here. Granted it is still like 70 degrees during the day, but at least it's cooler than what it has been. We love Fall, it's probably my favorite season. I love the changing colors of the leaves, and we have two fall babies. We celebrated Breckin's birthday on September 2nd and we just celebrated Ashlyn's birthday on October 3rd and 4th. We enjoyed a nice visit from my brother, Sean, and his girlfriend, Jessica. We LOVE her!! Especially Ashlyn :) They both hauled in a lot of loot from their mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa, mugga and pugga and uncle Sean and Jess. I don't know how we're going to get it all back to Wyoming in a couple of weeks, but we'll find a way. I'm excited to go back to the cooler weather and back to some kind of routine. I have enjoyed being here and staying home with my kiddos, but I wouldn't mind going back to work a few days a week, until the baby is born. I'm also very excited for Halloween. It's probably my favorite holiday along with April Fool's Day :) I love getting my kids dressed up and having friends over to just relax and have fun and play a few Halloween games. Hopefully, we can get some friends together to have a party this year. The past two years we were in Laramie and we went over to some friends' house and they had the funnest little parties and we got to meet some really nice people. Well, that's all I have for now.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Faith in the Face of Adversity

So today has been a challenge. After you think that everything is finally beginning to go right, it all seems to fall apart. Jame was poised to get his job back with the Powell Police Department, but due to circumstances beyond his control, he wasn't able to get his job back. The fear of the unknown is a very scary thing. We aren't sure what we are going to do now, but I have remembered what many church leaders have stated that where there is fear, there can not be faith.
"Fear and faith cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time." Neil L. Anderson. So, I am choosing to replace the fear of the unknown, with the faith that Heavenly Father has a bigger and better plan for us. Jame's patriarchal blessing is very specific about his faith and how it will influence the work that he does and the education that he receives. Now we are praying that this might be our Abrahamic Trial, and that after this things will begin to move upward. This is all I can do now. I believe in my husband and in his abilities and I know that if he can overcome his own personal struggles, that he will be able to become a greater man than he could have ever imagined. I can only live in hope and faith and "cast out all fear."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Joys Of Motherhood

So, today is Breckin's 3rd birthday, and I have to say that I am so grateful that I have been able to spend the day with him. It has been such a great day! We had muffins and milk for breakfast, we then spent some of the morning watching cartoons and cleaning up the house a little bit, then we finished decorating his cake. For lunch we had a little picnic outside and played with a sprinkler toy that I found a few days ago at Toys R Us. After playing outside for a few hours, the kids went in and took a bath to clean off again :)While they were in the bathtub, I was discretely wrapping Breckin's birthday presents. Finally, at around 3:00, Breckin went down for a nap, he still needs at least a few hours of sleep every day or he gets pretty grumpy. It's almost 5:00 now and the kitchen and living room are decorated with Spongebob and we're ready to party. I also got some school work done. I only hope that Jame can get hired on at the Powell Police Department again. We really love everyone there and they have always been so good to us. It's a hard job, but it's something that Jame is really good at. He's also working on finding an apartment for us in Powell, and it's looking good so far. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that things start to look up. I have a feeling it's all going to get better from here on out :) Thank you Heavenly Father for my husband and for my children, and that now I am able to stay at home with them. I'm so glad that I got to be with them today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New School Year

Well summer is officially over for Jame and I. We started school this week and are finding life to be hectic for us even though we are both enrolled in Outreach classes. Although it's almost fall, here in California visiting my parents, it doesn't feel like it. The weather has been in the 100's for the past few days and the heat is starting to get to my small family. For most of the day, we are trapped inside the comfort of air-conditioning and the kids are getting a little bit of cabin fever. They have been so used to running around their Mugga's house that it's hard for them to be cooped up for a few days. We do have a plan to go to the community pool on Friday though, so that gives them a little something to look forward to. We had a pretty good summer. We got to visit with family and enjoy the outdoors a little bit. We also took a day trip to Yellowstone Park where Ashlyn was fascinated by the buffalo that crossed Fishing Bridge. She thought that it was hilarious. We've eaten a lot of produce out of the Kelley garden, and I can't wait until we get back in time for the squash to come on. Right now, Jame is looking for employment in either Powell or Cody and we are looking for a small apartment in either Powell or Cody. Jame is hopeful that maybe he can get back to work with the Powell Police Department, but we'll see what happens. For right now, I'm adjusting to not working and staying home doing school work and taking care of kids, which has been a little hard for me. I have a little bit of ADD, so when I'm not doing something I get emotional and frustrated. It's been hard for me to just sit and relax a little bit. I'm trying though. Anyway, with the life that I have right now, I hope to stay on top of the blogging a little better. We'll see how that works out :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Have I Done Any Good In the World Today"

In the church hymn book there is a song that says, "Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad, and made someone feel glad? If not I have failed indeed." " Then wake up and do something more, than dream of your mansion above. Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure. A blessing of duty and love." Last night, I was at the store getting some medicine and I met a woman who was doing her grocery shopping with 3 young children in tow. I know how difficult it is to go shopping with my two children, but I can't imagine doing it with another one. I quickly mad a judgement about how she needed to keep track of her children and put them in line. Little did I know that Heavenly Father had a lesson to teach me. Later I found myself in line behind her. She was bagging her own groceries while her children ran around, I asked her if there was anything that I could do to help her, she asked if I could just watch her children for her while she bagged her groceries. I learned that her children were 7, 4 and maybe 1 year. I simply engaged her kids and asked them questions about school and their teachers. The mother finished bagging her groceries and thanked me for helping her. On my way to my car, I saw the same woman struggling with an upset baby and trying to get her groceries into her trunk. I asked her if I could help her, telling her that it would only take a minute, and that it wasn't a big deal. She told me that I was one of the nicest people that she had met, and thanked me profusely. I think that perhaps I should have thanked that woman. I was so grateful to be able to serve her. I don't know her circumstances, but I could easily be her, if there was any change in my circumstances. I would be the woman in the grocery store, by myself with my kids, looking overwhelmed and exhausted. I am so thankful for this lesson that I was able to learn. I know that I can always do better, especially in not passing judgement against my brother or sister, but this lesson also taught me about the simplicity of service and the blessings that I have in my life. I am so grateful for a good husband who is willing to stay home with our children so that I can have that time by myself to go to the store. I am also grateful that he supports me and helps me make decisions for our lives. Today I would give you the challenge to think about the first line of the church hymn, "Have I Done Any Good In the World Today?" Analyze yourself and see where you're at. I know for myself that I could use some improvement.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Value of A Good Education

These past few weeks have been crazy, but I have to say that I'm excited to be in school. I enjoy it so much more than going to work. Although it was nice to have a bigger paycheck, I can see that my future is only a few short years away, and I am so excited. I love the fact that each and everyday my horizons are expanded and I get to explore thoughts and ideas that I never would have considered before. I also love all of my professors this semester, they are so much fun and I have learned a lot from them already. With 14 hours every week of school, and an additional 2 hours of institute, and then 14 hours work, life gets a little crazy and the house gets a little messy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. And now the icing on top, my ballet class is kicking me in the behind. Every Wednesday and Friday, I wake up with a new muscle that's sore, one that I never knew was there before!! I love it though. I want each of my kids to go to college and have the same positive experience that I am having!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

So this is really and truly the first time that I have ever made any kind of New Year's resolution. It's a little out of sorts for me because I always have goals that I want to attain in my life. I have a bucket list of things that I want to accomplish in my life that ranges from skydiving and looking at the world from behind a waterfall to learning Spanish and learning how to knit and sew. So this year I have decided to try to put a dent in my Bucket List, but I also want to become healthier and although many don't think that I need to, I want to lose some weight. I've already made an agreement with Jame that I won't buy any new clothes for myself until I lose some weight. As a family, we have also made some year long goals. One of them is to read the Book of Mormon during the course of the year. Another is that we will have family prayer every day and night. We will also be more consistent on holding Family Home Evening. Jame and I have also made a personal goal to try to go to the temple at least once every month of this year. Finally, we have decided to put a limit on the amount of television that we are going to watch this year and we are also going to try to stick to a healthier eating plan and budget. Now that I look at all of this, I have just realized that there is a lot for me to accomplish this year, but I'm quite motivated to get it done.