Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

So, I really didn't start getting into the Royal Wedding until it got closer and I have to say that I was pretty excited. I have to say that it didn't disappoint either. I was moved by the love that you could see in the eyes of Prince William and Catherine, it was genuine and you could tell that there was no other place they would rather have been at that moment and no one else that they would have preferred to be with besides each other. For me, the greatest reward that I gained was the fact that dreams really do come true!! You can go from a "commoner" to a princess, you can move mountains, what seems impossible is in fact possible. It got me thinking about what I dream about. Here are a few thoughts:

*I dream about make a real difference in this world. I have an innate need to make people happy and I want to make as many people happy as I can!

*I dream of being able to give my children every opportunity that I can. I want them to get the best educations and experience the best things in life.

*I dream about traveling the world and learning about places that I have only visited in my dreams. I want to see it ALL!

*I dream about being successful in my business and helping to provide for my family while still having the freedom to enjoy them.

*I dream of a big house filled with laughter and fun. I dream of playing in a big backyard with my kids running and jumping and having birthday parties.

*I dream about being able to drive a nice car, hey let's not be judgemental we all dream of this. It can't be smaller than my suburban though because I wouldn't be able to fit all of my stuff in it.

*I dream about being able to buy all of the books that I want and being able to have the time to read them all. That would be my ideal vacation. On a beach with a good book, napping in the sunshine, what a great life :)

*I dream of being able to meet my Heavenly Father and my Savior and have them tell me that I have done well with my life and that they are proud of me.

So, now it's your turn, whether you have a blog or not, leave a comment or publish a post on your blog and tell me what you dream about! Dream as big as you can!! It worked for Kate Middleton :)

New Movement

I was watching the news the other day and they had a special about cell phone use and driving. Now, I'm guilty of being on my phone and texting while I'm driving even though it is against the law. The hubby and I had a discussion about how badly it really impairs you when you use your cell phone while you drive. He told me that it impairs you as much as marijuana use or drinking and driving. As a result, I have made the decision to QUIT using my phone entirely while I am driving. There really isn't any reason for me to use my phone while I'm driving I don't have any business to conduct. Usually it is just a time when I'm on the phone with my mom, so this should be easy. Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. It was actually very difficult. I didn't realize how much I used my phone when I drove, or how unsafe I was when I did it. I live in a rural area and so there aren't a lot of people, but there are enough to make it dangerous for me to be using my phone while I'm driving out to the in-laws house or to the next town. So the moral of the story is that I want to make my community aware of the dangers of using their cell phones while they are driving. It's already against the law in Wyoming when you are driving, but simply talking on the phone impairs you also. I want have the people in my community pledge that they will stop using their cell phones all together while they are driving. I plan on going out into the community and make people aware of my movement. It's not going to be easy, but I know that in the end my community will be safer.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thinking About Easter

When Ashlyn was 3 years old and in daycare in Laramie she walked into her preschool room the Friday before Easter weekend and informed her teacher that she knows why we have Easter. She told her that we have Easter because "that's when Jesus was resurrected." Even though she didn't know what resurrected meant, she did know that it was a holiday when we thought about Jesus and what He did for us. This Easter I want our family to focus more on the Savior than bunnies and baskets. I think that in the world of excess that we live in, it's hard to keep the spiritual things in perspective sometimes. I know that I am guilty of it. However, I have new resolve and I want to be able to celebrate the Savior and his atoning sacrifice for me and you. I encourage you to learn about the days that preceded the Savior's death. What did he do? How was he feeling? Think about these and study His last days on this earth. I know that last year in my Institute class we did this and it was AMAZING. I was able to learn so much and love my Savior even more. I hope that you will join me in forgetting the world and remembering Christ this Easter! We will all be better for it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saving the World, Well Kinda :)

So this week's Shine Project challenge was to do something significant for Earth Day. Well since I have 3 little kids at home, one who thinks that she constantly needs to be held and paid immediate attention (she's 3 months old so I guess it's okay) I decided to simplify the challenge to meet my needs, but still do some good. So what did we do? Well we decided that we would try not to leave the water running and turn off the lights in a room if we weren't in it at the time. We also tried to use more sunlight during the day instead of having a light on and the curtains drawn. I have to say that we did pretty good. I had to constantly remind the kids to turn off the lights that they had left on and Breckin has the bad habit of leaving the fridge open after he gets into it, so he has to be reminded to shut it constantly, but he did pretty good. He also made up for it by failing to flush the toilet a couple of times, not my favorite. Anyway, I felt like we did pretty good considering our circumstances. I do wish that we would have been able to walk to some of the places that we went, but since we live in Wyoming and since it will continue to snow here probably until June, we were somewhat restricted. We did have one nice day when a friend of mine that lives downstairs offered to take them to the park to play so that I could get some things around here done, which I GREATLY appreciated! So we tried to save the world one light, drip and flush at a time and I would say that we were successful :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Selling Cupcakes and Making Dreams Come True :)

So, I know that the title of this post can be a little deceiving, but I made my own dream come true :) and maybe I put a smile on a few faces too. If you don't know already, I was at the Mountain Marketplace that was held here on Saturday. Addy and I were there from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon and she was such a well behaved, sweet baby. I sold a bunch of cupcakes and made some really great contacts, hey I had to refill my business card holder twice! Anyway, I got to thinking about some of the things I want to do before I die while I was sitting there at 9 in the morning without any customers wanting that much sugar at the early hour. These are a few that I came up with...

1. Run across America- I'm trying that hypothetically on the treadmill at the Rec Center and I have given myself a year to make my goal.

2. Own my own cupcake shop- Of course everything there will be pink too :)

3. Go to all of the temples in the United States- Jame and I share this dream

4. Own my dream home- I told Jame the other day that he can have his dream man cave if I can have my dream craft room.

5. Participate in a triathlon

6. Be in Times Square on New Year's Eve

7. Get a college degree- Technically I have an Associates degree, but I've decided to change my major, so I might have a little bit longer before I obtain the illusive Bachelor's degree.

8. Go on a safari- Of course I don't want to get too close to those lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY!!

9. Read: Jesus The Christ, Lectures on Faith, Miracle of Forgiveness, A Marvelous Work and A Wonder, and other great books by Church leaders- I have to say that if I could have it I would send Jame and the kids away and I would sit and read the ENTIRE time that they are gone! I rarely get to sit and enjoy a good book anymore with being interrupted by something, oh well, I'm happy to have the family that I do!

10. Go snorkeling- I just want to see all those pretty fish, the eels and the yucky things can stay away!

11. Live in a foreign country- I prefer it to not be France, but I might have to settle for Canada, it's foreign enough right?

12. Climb a really tall mountain- So, I was watching the Disney Channel with the kids and there was a special commercial that they had on about this kid that started climbing the top summits in the world with his dad when he was like 10. I figured that if he can do something like that, what's stopping me?

13. Meet Mickey Mouse- Hopefully this goal will be fulfilled in the Near future. Shhhh don't tell anyone :)

14. Meet somebody famous- I met Hillary Clinton, but she doesn't count because I don't like her. Jame met Robert Duvall at the Cody Night Rodeo, but I was too shy to say anything. I want to meet someone like Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson, somebody funny!

15. Sit on the 50-yard line at a Denver Broncos game-Of course I couldn't do this without my family with me. I think that my dad might kill me if I did, I know that my mom would :) It would be so much fun to share this experience with them.

So there are just a few things that I want to do before I die, hopefully I live a good 50 plus years so that I can see some of these fulfilled. Now, I want you to share with me some of the things that you want to do, see, experience, have, etc. before you die. Get inspired, think about the future, and stay positive about what lies in store for you :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Met My New Neighbors-Shine Project

So, I am a part of this great movement called The Shine Project. It was created by this amazing woman named Ashley. Each week she encourages you to do something that will help make the world that we live in a better place and then you are given the assignment to talk about what you have done on your blog. Well, last week I was able to give my sister-in-law some old running shoes that I had that she needed. I was grateful for the opportunity to not only clean out my closet, but to also give something I didn't need to some one who did. Anyway, this week were given the task to look back at some of the challenges and re-visit one of them. This morning, I noticed that there was movement in the apartment next to us and I was curious as to what was going on, but by the time I got myself together and decent enough to look out the noise had stopped, so I piled the kids in the car and got some errands done. When I came back, the U-Haul was back and two women were packing things up the stairs and into the apartment next door. I went ahead and introduced myself to the younger of the two women, whose name escapes me right now, but I'm sure I'll remember it at 2 in the morning when I'm trying to sleep :) Anyway, she asked if my husband was home and I told her that he was sleeping because he's been working nights. She asked if maybe when he got up, if he might be able to help them move their couch up the stairs because it's a little awkward moving it. I told her that I would relay the message on to him and that I'm sure he would be happy to help. Well, he WAS happy to help, but he wasn't happy to have to wake up already (I didn't wake him up THAT early!) Anyway, I later invited her to do Zumba with me sometime if she wanted to and she seemed really interested. I'm glad that I was able to reach out to someone that I know really needed help, and I was overjoyed to make another friend. What a great challenge for me to be able to complete!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Who I Am!

So, Who Am I? Well here it is in a nutshell...

I am...a 27 year old mother of 3 and wife of a wonderful husband.
I want...a warm vacation with my family and my own store front for my cupcake shop.
I have...the best things in life, a loving family, a warm home, food in my tummy, and the restored gospel on the earth.
I wish...that my children can have the best experiences in life.
I hate...rude people! I usually try not to let you ruin my day though.
I fear...that I'm not teaching my children well enough and that they won't be prepared to make the correct decisions when they are released into this scary world.
I hear...the wind! I'm so sick of the wind!!! Maybe I hate the wind more than rude people :)
I search...the scriptures for inspiration and guidance.
I wonder...about my future and what I am meant to do in this life.
I regret...some of the haircuts I've sported.
I family more than any thing in the world.
I ache...after I go to Zumba. Now that's a workout.
I always...try to get my house cleaned up at least once during the day. My husband tells me that trying to clean house while kids are still playing is like trying to shovel snow when it's still snowing.
I usually...kiss my kids several times a day. What can I say, they have the most kissable cheeks!
I am not...going to ever give up on my dreams.
I dance...with my children. Dance parties are a frequent event at our house.
I the shower and in the car.
I never...swear. I don't want my kids repeating any of Those words.
I sometimes...take a nap with the baby when I should be cleaning or washing dishes.
I cry...when I'm stressed out, which thankfully isn't very often anymore. Life is GREAT!
I am not always...showered, so don't get too close.
I lose...track of time when I'm running errands
I am science and math, but I'm getting better and understanding more in my old age.
I be perfect. It's a flaw and a strength. I try to do the best I can at whatever I do and sometimes it goes to the extremes. I am definently my harshest critic.
I should...always believe that you can become whoever you want to be and that you can always achieve your dreams.

*Now, who are YOU?

Friday, April 1, 2011

General Conference This Weekend

So, this weekend is one of my favorites. It's General Conference weekend!!! I am so excited to sit at home and relax and listen to the words of our prophet and our general authorities. I always take away from it something inspiring and something that I can do better. I love that we are so blessed that we are able to have a prophet and apostles on the earth again and that we are able to hear from them frequently. I love the church and I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life and to be able to teach my children about it. Ashlyn is already so excited to get baptized and Breckin treats his scriptures as though they are the greatest treasure. I am so grateful that they are learning about the gospel while they are young.

Anyway, our plans for this weekend include relaxing at home, coloring BIG pictures of Toy Story and Spongebob, crafting and hearing the sacred words of our church leaders. It should be a great weekend!!

P.S. Pictures will come soon because...I found our camera!!!