Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Reading: Lots and lots of textbook material, yuck, but I do try to fit in the first Hunger Games book so that it's not all work and no play.

Looking forward to: SPRING, it's a getting a little ridiculous with the cold now. I mean really, -17 degrees, there is no reason for that.

Stressing about: Just getting all the classwork done that I have to. It's the good kind of stress, keeps me motivated :)

Craving: Chocolate covered peanuts

Wanting: A clean house again, it was mostly clean yesterday, but somehow it's become a mess again.

Proud of myself for: Gettting a paper written today and getting a headstart on some coursework.

Wearing: Jeans and a Wyoming Cowboys long sleeve shirt. It's my standard weekday uniform, it's comfy and easy to get into in the morning.

Avoiding: Reading some of the textbooks that I need to.

Sick of: The cold! I need to move to a warmer climate :)

Learning: How to make a rag quilt, thanks for taking the time to teach me Tina!

Suffering from: I'm very healthy thanks to the superior immune system that I acquired by working at a daycare. I haven't gotten sick yet this winter (knock on wood and cross my fingers).

Struggling with: Entertaining a my children through the winter days, thank goodness for the Rec Center and the Library

Overcoming: My slight sugar additction. They say the more you live with someone the more you become like them, well I have become more like Jame and I have been craving sugar lately, but I'm going on a month long strike from it, hopefully it all works out and there aren't any fatalities in the process.

Hoping to: Get a nice, big tax return

Excited for: A secret that I can't share with you yet :)No, I'm not pregnant, jeez guys I just had a baby six weeks ago!

Relieved by: Taking the time to relax in the tub

Splurging on: A new crib for Addy and maybe a rocking chair for her too, the kid is spoiled and I'd rather rock her in a chair than stand up with her at 11:00 at night at rock her.

What are you up to currently?

I hope to be able to post at least twice a week, I think that I'm doing pretty good so far considering all of the classwork I have to do too. Thanks for reading :)

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