Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Have A Messy House :)

So, this weekend has just flown by. We went to Billings on Friday and ended up staying the night, just for fun, and then we got home about noon on Saturday. From home we dropped off all of our stuff and then the kids and I went to my aunt and uncle's house to visit my cousin, his wife and their kids. After that, the kids and I went and ran some errands that we need to get done and came home. By the time we got home, I looked at our house in all of it's dissary and threw my hands up in the air. There is stuff EVERYWHERE. I am not a messy person and that kind of environment makes me anxious. Howevere, it was now approaching 7:00 at night and kids needed baths and parents needed showers, so the mess was going to have to remain. And remain it has. This morning I was up at 7:15 with every intention to get some things put away, just so that I felt a little better, but Addy decided that she needed to have mommmy RIGHT THERE all morning long, so nothing got done and we barely all got dressed. We made it to church, 10 minutes late and we went and sat in the 2nd row. Little did I know that Breckin had packed the loud, talking "Ebil Doctor Powkchop" with us. He went off right in the middle of the sacrament prayer and so he was quickly taken away and put out of reach. This created a ruckus that EVERYONE could here because of our proximity to the podeum. Thankfully, Bishop George grabbed Breckin and put him in his lap and settled him down. The rest of sacrament meeting was reasonably cheerful. Afterwards, Breckin's Primary teacher asked me to come to opening exercises with him so that he would feel a little more comfortable. I did and he behaved as he usually does when he has to sit for too long. His class was the last class dismissed, they are also the youngest. Who's idea was that? Anyway, after church we got home, and the house was still a mess. I decided that since I hadn't had time to get lunch in the crockpot before we left, heck, I barely got my shirt on, that we would have waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Everyone seemed happy about that. After lunch, Addy was still feeling pretty clingy so, I decided we needed to cuddle up and have a nap and relax, so we did. It is now 7:14 on Sunday evening and I have just completed two quizzes and I am now thinking of all of the things that I HAVE to get done this week. Guess what, my house is still a mess! I don't know how long it will stay that way, if only there were more hours in the day. So Lynette-don't come over unannounced anytime soon because I would be so ashamed for you to see my house in the condition that it is in, I know how you think of me as some kind of super cleaner, that's my mom, I just inherited a few of her tendencies. I have finally come to terms with my messy house, I don't like it, but I feel that it can stay that way, at least for tonight, we'll see what happens tomorrow :)

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