Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So, to continue the story of those three, almost four, perfect little things in my life, we have Breckin, or Brecky-Bear, or Baby-Breckin, or when he is particularly ornery, B-Rat!

Breckin is the only boy that I will probably ever have, unless Jame gets baby hungry. He is my special little boy. He is surrounded on all sides by girls and as a result has become ALL BOY.

Breckin is an amazing artist. He is constantly drawing, painting, sketching, whatever he can do that is artistic, he is doing it. He is so creative and smart. His teachers already have told me how well he can draw for someone his age and how his drawings really do look like what he intends them to look like. I don't have an artistic bone in my body and Jame's artistic abilities are limited to Spongebob animations, so I have no idea where he is getting this from.

Breckin loves music. He loves to sing and dance and he can hear a song a few times and know the general words to it. He really likes Katy Perry and Glee. He's silly that way. He also likes The Wizard of Oz. He can tell you every little detail of that movie and often dreams about the "scary Lion" and the "Witch" and the "Tin Man" and the "Scarecrow". He does get his musical appreciation from me, which I hope that he will pursue when he gets older. I think that if he can get over his shyness, he could be a great little performer. For now, we have to watch him perform when he thinks we aren't paying attention.

Finally, Breckin is very loving to his sisters, and he's going to have to be. I have seen how he loves Addy and puts up with her whacking at him and sitting on him and trying to wrestle with him. He tries to be as gentle as he can because he has this instinct that girls are fragile and need extra care. He and Ashlyn are best friends and worst enemies sometimes, but most of the time they are best friends. He loves all of his sisters, even the one that he hasn't laid eyes on yet. He kisses them and hugs them and cuddles with them. I know that one day there will be a very lucky woman that Breckin meets who he will treat with all of the love and respect that he has learned to treat his sisters with.

There are so many other things that I could say about my special little boy, but for me, he is just the perfect little boy. At times, he can try his mommy's nerves, but he is always so loving and caring that it is difficult for me to stay mad at him for very long. I am so grateful that I have this second little perfect person in my life.

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