Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Addy is our third child and a joy to have around. The girl definently has a personality. She is very entertaining. Jame and I ofthen find ourselves watching her, even when the television is on. She is a good little sister and she is teaching Breckin how to treat women. She abuses him and messes with him and he just takes it. It's good practice for marriage :) Addy loves her new little sister...more about her in another post. She is always kissing her and wanting to hold her and touch her. We have to be very careful about her, but the worry that I had about her being jealous was just unnecessary because she loves her very much. Addy is very outspoken. She doesn't say much, but she lets you know that she is in the room. The girl definitely has a set of lungs on her. She is mostly a happy baby, unless she's sick or tired or hungry. Then she lets you know what she wants...NOW!! Addy is the most cuddly baby I have ever had. Breckin was cuddly for like a second, Ashlyn was to busy exploring her world and being independent to come and cuddle with mommy, but Addy LOVES to cuddle. The girl will have someone pick her up and she will wrap her arms around their neck and lay her head down on their shoulder. She will stay this way for a while. She just loves to touch and be touched. At bedtime, she cuddles up with Daddy on the couch in a special reclined position and usually falls asleep this way. Addy is a very compassionate little girl. I can see how she has already developed empathy and sympathy. Whenever someone is upset, she will approach them with her brow furrowed in concern and either pat them or hug them so that they can feel better. I remember one day when I was upset and crying on the floor and Addy toddled up to me with the look of concern on her face and climbed up into my lap to cuddle and make me feel better. She is such a sweet little girl. Addy fits perfectly into our family. She is a sweet little sister and a loving big sister. It is a gift to be able to watch her grow and entertain us everyday. She is one of the happiest babies that I have ever had or met. We love her so much!!

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