Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

So, in an attempt to polish myself and be more professional for my new business, I have decided to follow the example of many of my fellow blogging women and try to get out of the rut of wearing sweatpants or my pajamas all day, every day. So Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday, say that 3 times fast :) Anyway, the purpose of these posts is to show you that I actually do attempt to get dressed in the morning and look cute even if I do spend some days at home all day with the kids and even though I have 3 kids including a newborn that only likes to sleep for 5 hours at a time at night at the most. I have every intention of completing these assignments and hopefully by requiring myself to post pictures of what I wore, I'll be more motivated to loose the rest of my baby weight. So, here's to the beginning of What I Wore Wednesday, may I find the strength and energy to get out of my pajamas everyday :)

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