Saturday, September 8, 2012

On My Soapbox

So, I know that usually everything on here is all hunky, dory, let's just all have fun. However, I also feel that it can be used as a personal forum for things that I find vey important. One of these important things is the education of our children.
As an education major who is also studying special education. I can't tell you how important I feel it is to get your children developmentally screened by a reputable facility. When we lived in Laramie, both of our kids were screened annually. That is how we found out that Ashlyn needed glasses. Now we have had Breckin screened and he is receiving services for certain areas and Addy is also being worked with. It is not that there is something "wrong" with my children. It is the fact that I want to receive all of the help that is available to them so that they can succeed. It is important to me that my children enjoy school and that they do the best that they possibly can. It is also important toe that if they need to work with any of the Title 1 teachers in order to do this, that their needs are met.
Recently I learned of a case of a child who was not receiving any help and who was obviously struggling. This child's mother is battling the school that is trying to help them and she is clearly in denial that anything is wrong. Now, I don't have a child with severe special needs, so I don't know how it feels. However, I have heard other parents of children with special needs compare it to dealing with the death of their child. They go through the grieving process, just as if they would have lost their child. I understand that it is a hard pill to swallow, but the sooner that you get your child the help and assistance that they need, the better off everyone will be. The situation above really hurts my heart because as a parent, I would do anything it took to see my children succeed. I understand the disappointment and guilt that is associated with the fact that there may be something wrong with your child. As I said, I have two children who receive services. The services they receive may seem menial and unimportant to others, but they are very important to me because I think of something that maybe I didn't do right, or something else I could have done. However, I have stopped blaming myself and I have gotten them the help that they need. As a future educator and as a parent, this is something that is very important to me. I hope it is important to you as well and that even if you have the slightest of questions about your child's development or if a teacher comes to you with any concerns, that you will take it to heart, not blame yourself, and help your child any way that you can. I know you will!!

I'll step down now ;)

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  1. don't step down. keep making parent's aware!