Sunday, December 13, 2009

Putting the Christ Back in Christmas

This year the funds in our house are kind of tight, but it has given me a chance to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas instead of being caught up with the shopping and busyness of the season. This year we are doing a different Family Home Evening for each week of December and they all have something to do with Christ. The first week we read an article out of the Ensign about the true meaning of Christmas, last week we watched The Nativity Story, this week we are reading a children's book called The Miracle of the Wooden shoes, and the week of Christmas I plan on reading the Christmas story out of the book of Luke and having a birthday party for Jesus. I feel strongly that it is important for my children to learn about the true meaning of Christmas and to realize now how important our Savior's birth was to our own lives. I hope that you can also find the true meaning of Christmas and I hope that you will keep it in your hearts all year long.

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