Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

So, I really didn't start getting into the Royal Wedding until it got closer and I have to say that I was pretty excited. I have to say that it didn't disappoint either. I was moved by the love that you could see in the eyes of Prince William and Catherine, it was genuine and you could tell that there was no other place they would rather have been at that moment and no one else that they would have preferred to be with besides each other. For me, the greatest reward that I gained was the fact that dreams really do come true!! You can go from a "commoner" to a princess, you can move mountains, what seems impossible is in fact possible. It got me thinking about what I dream about. Here are a few thoughts:

*I dream about make a real difference in this world. I have an innate need to make people happy and I want to make as many people happy as I can!

*I dream of being able to give my children every opportunity that I can. I want them to get the best educations and experience the best things in life.

*I dream about traveling the world and learning about places that I have only visited in my dreams. I want to see it ALL!

*I dream about being successful in my business and helping to provide for my family while still having the freedom to enjoy them.

*I dream of a big house filled with laughter and fun. I dream of playing in a big backyard with my kids running and jumping and having birthday parties.

*I dream about being able to drive a nice car, hey let's not be judgemental we all dream of this. It can't be smaller than my suburban though because I wouldn't be able to fit all of my stuff in it.

*I dream about being able to buy all of the books that I want and being able to have the time to read them all. That would be my ideal vacation. On a beach with a good book, napping in the sunshine, what a great life :)

*I dream of being able to meet my Heavenly Father and my Savior and have them tell me that I have done well with my life and that they are proud of me.

So, now it's your turn, whether you have a blog or not, leave a comment or publish a post on your blog and tell me what you dream about! Dream as big as you can!! It worked for Kate Middleton :)

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