Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saving the World, Well Kinda :)

So this week's Shine Project challenge was to do something significant for Earth Day. Well since I have 3 little kids at home, one who thinks that she constantly needs to be held and paid immediate attention (she's 3 months old so I guess it's okay) I decided to simplify the challenge to meet my needs, but still do some good. So what did we do? Well we decided that we would try not to leave the water running and turn off the lights in a room if we weren't in it at the time. We also tried to use more sunlight during the day instead of having a light on and the curtains drawn. I have to say that we did pretty good. I had to constantly remind the kids to turn off the lights that they had left on and Breckin has the bad habit of leaving the fridge open after he gets into it, so he has to be reminded to shut it constantly, but he did pretty good. He also made up for it by failing to flush the toilet a couple of times, not my favorite. Anyway, I felt like we did pretty good considering our circumstances. I do wish that we would have been able to walk to some of the places that we went, but since we live in Wyoming and since it will continue to snow here probably until June, we were somewhat restricted. We did have one nice day when a friend of mine that lives downstairs offered to take them to the park to play so that I could get some things around here done, which I GREATLY appreciated! So we tried to save the world one light, drip and flush at a time and I would say that we were successful :)

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