Monday, April 4, 2011

Who I Am!

So, Who Am I? Well here it is in a nutshell...

I am...a 27 year old mother of 3 and wife of a wonderful husband.
I want...a warm vacation with my family and my own store front for my cupcake shop.
I have...the best things in life, a loving family, a warm home, food in my tummy, and the restored gospel on the earth.
I wish...that my children can have the best experiences in life.
I hate...rude people! I usually try not to let you ruin my day though.
I fear...that I'm not teaching my children well enough and that they won't be prepared to make the correct decisions when they are released into this scary world.
I hear...the wind! I'm so sick of the wind!!! Maybe I hate the wind more than rude people :)
I search...the scriptures for inspiration and guidance.
I wonder...about my future and what I am meant to do in this life.
I regret...some of the haircuts I've sported.
I family more than any thing in the world.
I ache...after I go to Zumba. Now that's a workout.
I always...try to get my house cleaned up at least once during the day. My husband tells me that trying to clean house while kids are still playing is like trying to shovel snow when it's still snowing.
I usually...kiss my kids several times a day. What can I say, they have the most kissable cheeks!
I am not...going to ever give up on my dreams.
I dance...with my children. Dance parties are a frequent event at our house.
I the shower and in the car.
I never...swear. I don't want my kids repeating any of Those words.
I sometimes...take a nap with the baby when I should be cleaning or washing dishes.
I cry...when I'm stressed out, which thankfully isn't very often anymore. Life is GREAT!
I am not always...showered, so don't get too close.
I lose...track of time when I'm running errands
I am science and math, but I'm getting better and understanding more in my old age.
I be perfect. It's a flaw and a strength. I try to do the best I can at whatever I do and sometimes it goes to the extremes. I am definently my harshest critic.
I should...always believe that you can become whoever you want to be and that you can always achieve your dreams.

*Now, who are YOU?

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