Friday, May 13, 2011

A Lesson Learned, A Heart Changed

Tonight Ashlyn and I were relaxing together while Addy slept and Daddy and Brecky were away. We were watching 20/20 and a special about a woman who had been in a plane accident with her husband and another individual was the story for the evening. I could remember seeing this woman on a short video online on the Mormon Messages YouTube channel. I wanted to learn more about her and I was glad that I tuned in.

She is such an inspiration and the fact that although she will never get over what happened to her, she hasn't made it define who she is and she hasn't wallowed in self pity. She has carried on with faith. She is a person that I truly admire and I hope that I can be like someday.

Here is her story, you should really check it out:

Another thing that really touched me is that while Ashlyn was watching this she informed me that someday Heavenly Father would make her like she was before and she would be perfect again. It gave me hope that maybe I am doing something right. Maybe I'm too hard on myself when it comes to being a mother because my children throw the occasional fit in the grocery story or that their bedrooms are in disarray more than they are clean and orderly "the way mommy would do it". It also made me realize what is really important for me to teach my children and that is to have faith to hold on to that faith even in the midst of the most grave of trials and to always have eternity in your sights.

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