Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Addy's First Birthday

Addy is now one year old and it is so amazing to see the little person that she is becoming!! She is such a joy and a blessing to our family. Right now, she is walking everywhere and opening drawers and pulling out EVERYTHING!! She loves her brother and sister very much and just wants to be a part of their lives and the party that they seem to constantly have going on. She points at everything and everyone. I can tell that she is going to be just as inquisitive and smart as her sister. Addy brings joy to my life everyday and she is one of the three reasons that I have become the person that I am. I could never imagine my life without her. I am so grateful that I am able to spend all day with her and watch her grow and learn. For your viewing enjoyment here are a few pictures of my sweet girl on her 1 year birthday


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Addy is SUCH an incredible baby. She is so sweet and cute and strong. Her personality is already so strong, can't wait to see who she becomes.