Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nine Loves!!!

I feel like there are a lot of things I love. If you've read my blog before you have seen, and maybe been confused by the "Things that I Heart". I know when my mother-in-law first saw the pictures of Zach Galifianakis and Andy Samburg, they were a little confused, but what can I say. They are people whose work makes me happy and laugh so "I Heart Them!!!". Here are some more things that "I Heart!!"

9. Reading. As I've said before, I could and sometimes do spend an entire day just reading a good book. When I find a book that really interests and intrigues me it is hard for me to put it down. I just want to find out what happens next.

8. Sleep. Maybe this is because I didn't get any last night, but sleep is a beautiful luxury. It is a time for our bodies to rejuvenate themselves so that they can complete the tasks of tomorrow. I know that I don't get enough and one day when my kids are all grown up I am going to sleep in past 8. I can't wait!!! Maybe I'll just run away with Jame and leave the kids behind and we'll spend an entire weekend sleeping!!

7. Mint Oreos. In my opinion, this is the best Oreo EVER!!! I think that maybe Nabisco should pay me in Mint Oreos because I consume so many and I also do so many free advertisements on here for them. There is something about dunking them in milk and making the cream even creamier that just makes me happy, no matter how much sleep I haven't gotten the night before.

6. Antique stores. I have actually just discovered this love. My brother also loves antique stores, in fact they joked that on his wedding night he was going to spend it relaxing in the tub reading an antiquing magazine. Addy and I went into an antique store yesterday and I was just in a state of peaceful bliss in there. It is just so interesting to me how well things used to be made and how long they have lasted. I am also interested in the stories that are behind the items that you purchase. It really is a fun little hobby if you give it a try.

5. A clean house. Right now, I'm not terribly happy, my house is a mess!! It could be worse, I understand that. However, there are dishes in the sink, donut crumbs on the floor, boxes in my hallway that need to go to the second hand store and my bed hasn't been made in over a week. I HATE clutter and mess. I know that it's only going to get worse when we have four children instead of three, just as things changed when we had three children instead of two and two children instead of one, but is it so much for me to ask that my house just be orderly and clean for just a week or even a day? I don't think so. Maybe I'll take that weekend devoted to sleep and clean the house too :)

4. Halloween. I don't know why, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it's because there really isn't any pressure to find the perfect gift or contribute the perfect dish to a meal. Maybe it's because Halloween is just meant to be fun! I like to dress up and now I have three little people that I get to dress up too!! I also like candy and I always have, so that little contribution to the holiday makes it even sweeter :)

3. Summertime. I love that you can walk outside barefoot, go camping and not freeze, run through the sprinklers, play softball, cook outside, go for family walks in the evening, go to the drive-in and many other great summer activities. Not to mention, my birthday is also in the summer :) I love the ease of it and the memories that I have from having many enjoyable summers with my family.

2. My kids. Well of course I had to put this in the top two :) They are some of my favorite people! Ashlyn reminds me more of myself everyday. She is very sweet, a little bit bossy and incredibly smart and perceptive. Breckin is a very affectionate and sweet little boy, probably the only little boy I'll have, and he is very artistic and helpful. Addy is my baby, for the moment. She is also just like me and Ashlyn. She is sweet and happy. Many people have told me that she is the happiest baby they have ever seen, she always has a smile on her face. My kids are the reason that I live. They make me smile, cry, laugh and worry. I could never imagine my life without them.

1. The hubby. If I didn't have him I wouldn't have my kids :) He has gone through so much and still keeps trying. Sometimes it takes some prodding, but he keeps trying. He does things for me willingly and lovingly. He makes me laugh and cry. He supports me with my dreams. He tries to do the right thing in a tough situation. I know that he is the man that I was supposed to marry. He helps with our children willingly when I ask, he loves us unconditionally, he works hard, he tries to make me relax when I don't really want to but I need to, he tries to distract me with silly stories during labor, he sometimes takes out the garbage and he cooks the steaks in the house. He's good for a lot of things, so I think I'll keep him around for a while :)

*I have to add one more love, I know I only technically get nine, but I have to add one more. My family. I love my in-laws very much. I also love my parents and my brother very, very much! They are the reason that I am the person that I am today. My parents taught me how to work hard and how to be honest. My dad taught me how far hard work can actually get you and how to be logical in the most difficult situations. My mom taught me how to be selfless. She is the epitome of being selfless and giving herself to her family and children. She really is an angel. My brother taught me the absolute importance of laughing, especially at yourself. He taught me that you can't take yourself too seriously and that even in the midst of trials and hopelessness, there is a reason to laugh. I am so very blessed that I was given the family that I have.

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