Monday, January 30, 2012

I LOVE TO EAT!!! Five Foods that Rock My World!!!

Okay, for those of you who don't know already, I'm about 7 months pregnant. When I am pregnant, it is not unusual for me to eat, or try to eat, everything in site. If it looks or sounds good, I'll try it! I really should just put that I love anything that my mom cooks for all 5 items. She is the best cook EVER!! I think that's one of the main reasons that my dad met her. I cook nearly every day and someday I hope that I can be as good as my mom. I KNOW that's one of the main reasons why Jame married ME :) Anyway, here are my 5 FAVORITE FOODS: I can't believe I can only choose 5!

5. Mint Oreos. I know that you would expect this to be higher on the list, but I have to leave enough room for my mom's food :)

4. Blair's Long Johns. These are the most magical donuts! I have fond memories of having these on a Saturday morning while watching cartoons in the living room. They were a special treat that my parents would give us every once in a while. For my birthday one year, I specifically asked for these donuts and my mother-in-law was sweet enough to get me some!

3. My mommy's Tuna Noodle Casserole. She puts a special touch on it. She uses sour cream and cheddar potato chips instead of regular potato chips on top and then she puts cheddar cheese on top of that! It's the BEST!

2. My mommy's four layer dessert. Now, I could literally eat an entire pan of this stuff. The first layer is a pie crust with sliced almonds in it. The next layer is chocolate pudding. The next layer is a whipped topping and cream cheese mixture. Finally you top it off with some more sliced almonds. I want some NOW!

1. My mommy's enchiladas. She makes her own enchilada sauce from scratch, she puts black olives and cheese all over the place. What's not to LOVE! I specially requested this for dinner while we were visiting over Christmas break and Breckin and I at nearly the entire 9X13 pan by ourselves. It was great!!

So, the top three things are things that my mommy makes that can't be duplicated to perfection by anyone, myself included. I guess she's gonna have to live forever so that she can keep feeding me!

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