Saturday, January 28, 2012

Location, Location, Location-Six Places

If I were to have unlimited means and resources, here are the 6 places that I would go. Some of these places I have been before, but I would like to share these places with my family. Some of these places I dream of going...

6. Washington D.C. I would love to go to D.C. again. They have created some new monuments since I have been there and I would like to see them. I went twice while I was in high school and we went to many of the big attractions. I've seen the Lincoln Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, The Washington Monument, Union Station, two of the Smithsonian Museums, The Holocaust Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, oh and a little place there called The White House. Frankly, after spending nearly three hours in the basement of the White House waiting to sing for the First Lady, it looses some of it's appeal. I would like to share some of the things that I saw with my family, but I think that we'll skip The White House.

5. San Antonio, Texas. Jame served his mission in Houston and for a while he HATED Texas. If that was the only taste of Texas I got, I'd hate it too. However, San Antonio has a charm all it's own. The people there are incredibly friendly, the Riverwalk is beautiful, especially at Christmas time when they have lights all around it. The Alamo is interesting if you like that sort of thing. The food is AMAZING!!! When I was visiting my mom and dad we sat around and talked about all of the food that we missed. When I was in college in Wyoming and my parents were still living there they once overnighted some tortillas from a very special Tex-Mex restaurant. Yea, the love me! I was on cloud nine for like a week! If we ever had the chance to move back to the San Antonio area, I would take it in a heartbeat. I love that place!!

4. New York City. I dream of going here someday. It's on my Bucket List to be in New York City on New Year's Eve in Times Square. I just thrive on excitement and to me this is one of the most exciting places that you can be. I don't know how my husband would like it, but I'm sure he would come along with me just to make me happy. I would love to see Central Park and go to a Broadway show. I would also love to see the 9/11 Memorial and go to the toy store FAO Schwartz. Hopefully, one day we can make a little trip out there.

3. Ireland and England. I wish that I could have been there when they had the Royal Wedding, but hopefully someday I can go. I love the culture in London and the variety of people. I would enjoy seeing all of the historical landmarks and teasing the Queen's guards. I have had a kind of fascination with all things English and I think that this might satisfy my curiosity. I would have to take a little side trip to Ireland to make my husband happy. He has a dream of going to "the home land" someday.

2. The Holy Land. When I was young, my grandparents took a trip to The Holy Land. They went to Jerusalem and Golgotha among other places. They saw where they believe Jesus' tomb is and they walked the same streets that he walked on. My grandmother also told me that she got trapped on a camel while they were there. The camel just wouldn't let her off :) I remember playing with the Nativity that they got there that was made out of olive wood. Ever since I was little I have wanted to go there. Maybe I should start saving my dimes like they did :)

1. Italy. I don't know what it is about Italy that makes me want to go there. Maybe it's the ease of life, maybe it's the beautiful waters. Maybe it's the history and the cobblestone streets. Most likely, it's the food. The rich, savory food. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE food!! Especially now that I'm pregnant. Perhaps now would be a good time for me to go :)

There it is, 6 places I dream about either going to or going back to. Thanks for reading my list. Now where do you want to go?

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